CAPN 2014 Meeting of the Executive Committee Vancouver, BC

David Ousterhuis, Sonia Sabnis, Walter Englert, Ortwin Knorr, Ellen Millender, Malcolm Wilson, Mary Jaeger

Absent: Karen Carr, Cathy Connors, Andrew Goldman, Nigel Nicholson, Ann Nicgorski, Logan Searl, Matthew Fox

I. Minutes of the 2013 Eugene meeting were approved.

II. Sonia Sabnis, Reed College, was elected president of CAPN by acclamation The 2015 meeting will be held at Reed.

III. Location for the 2016 meeting: there has been no news from Whitman. What about the University of Puget Sound? The board will check with Eric Orlin; likewise, it will consult Nick Smith at Lewis and Clark to see if Lewis and Clark would like host a future CAPN. It is good to expand the group of institutions participating.

IV. The treasurer’s report was circulated and approved. The CAPN Budget is in good shape.

The board voted to fund ACL at $150 and NCLG at $50. Mary will communicate with Andrew.
A reminder to everyone: please send in your CAPN registration fees.
The secretary-treasurer will clean up the membership list so that reflects members’ standing. Adding a date to the renewal sheet will help people recollect if they’ve paid.

David reported that Andrew really wants to resign after five years of being being treasurer. Malcolm blocked the motion. But the board overruled this blocking.
Mary will take over as secretary-treasurer.

V. Malcolm broached the idea of offering regional Latin and Greek translation prizes for undergraduates. The board voted to give this idea a try. Malcolm will figure out the details.

VI. The board voted thanks to Andrew for serving as secretary-treasurer for so long. The board voted thanks to Mary for serving as CAPN president.

The board concluded its 2014 meeting with a vote of thanks to David Mirhady for running a fine conference.

Respectfully Submitted,
Mary Jaeger, Incoming Secretary-Treasurer


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