Mission Statement

CAPN collects together the classicists from Schools and Universities in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia and Alberta. We have over 80 active members, including a number from outside the region. Our annual meeting in late March or early April provides a congenial venue for participants to share their academic and pedagogical work, as well as their professional concerns.

CAPN is concerned to bridge a number of divides that characterize the world of Classics right now. First, it seeks to integrate the classicists of the United States with those of Canada. Many members are Canadian, and every third year or so our annual meeting joins with CACW’s annual meeting, this usually in Victoria, B.C., but not always, as 2007’s conference in Vancouver makes clear. Previous joint meetings have also been held in Calgary.

Second, CAPN seeks to integrate school and university teachers. We share many of the same professional concerns, as well as many larger goals. CAPN welcomes papers on pedagogy from all members, occasionally sponsoring panels on it and caucuses on issues of particular concern to teachers, such as certification (a particular concern right now). Many members are actively involved in teacher training programs.

Third, graduate students are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentation at the annual conference and to attend the conference. Since the conference is relatively intimate, it provides a supportive atmosphere for classicists at the beginning of their professional careers. The CAPN conference also provides an opportunity for alumni to revisit the region of their undergraduate or graduate educations, so that many members present at the conference are actually teaching at institutions outside the region.

CAPN offers some scholarships, usually between $200 and $400 in value, to classicists in the CAPN area, usually to those who intend to teach, and are seeking funds for travel or coursework that will enhance their teaching or ability to enroll in teaching certification programs.

CAPN also awards a small prize to an outstanding teacher every year. In 2006, Pam Brown of Grant High School in Portland was the honoree.

Membership is inexpensive ($20); costs for the Association are low, so these fees are almost entirely spent on the awards and scholarships. Membership is required for participation in the annual conference.

Our website is at capn-classics.org where membership information and records of previous conferences and association transactions can be found.


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