41st CAPN annual meeting

Willamette University, Salem
Preliminary Program

A final program will be presented to attendees upon their arrival at Willamette.

Date: March 9-10, 2012

Friday, March 9

6:30 – 7:30 pm - Registration (Entrance Lobby, College of Law, Willamette University)

7:30 – 9 pm - Welcome; Keynote Address (Paulus Lecture Hall, College of Law)

Dr. Andrew Dalby (Classicist and Food Historian),
“Dining with Augustus: The Roman Princeps as Host and Guest”
(The Lane C. McGaughy Lectureship in Ancient Studies)

In the lifetime of Augustus the Roman Republic became an Empire, and in hindsight we are right to call him its first emperor. How did he do it? Building on varied historical and literary sources the lecture will focus on the Roman arts of entertainment as they were practised in his time, and will show how creatively Augustus himself played the roles of host and patron. His triumphant career demonstrates that these skills were (as they still are) an essential ingredient of political success.

Co-sponsored by the Willamette University Center for Ancient Studies and Archaeology, the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest and the Salem Society of the Archaeological Institute of America

9 – 10 pm - Reception (Lower Level Lounge, College of Law)

Saturday, March 10

8 – 9 am - Registration; (Lobby, Paulus Lecture Hall, Room 201, College of Law)

9 – 10:15 - Paper Session I (Two Panels Concurrently)

Panel IA: Greek and Roman Epic (Room 217, College of Law)
Chair: David Oosterhuis (Gonzaga University)

9:00 - Brett M. Rogers (Gettysburg College): “Traveling, Troubling Tutors: the Metanastês and his Protégé in Homer and Herodotus”

9:20 - Clifford Weber (Kenyon College, emeritus): “Illogical Imitation in Aeneid 6.562-600”

9:40 - Laura Zientek (University of Washington): “The Allusive Tiber in Vergil’s Aeneid

Panel IB: Greek Material Culture (Room 201, College of Law)
Chair: Andrew L. Goldman (Gonzaga University)

9:00 - Daniella Widdows (Hampden-Sydney College): “"Pride of Place: Significant Positioning of Animal Skin Heads in Greek Vase Painting"

9:20 - Mary Bachvarova (Willamette University): “Troy as a Place of Remembrance: New Perspectives on the Material Culture of Iron Age Troy and the Origin of the Iliad”

9:40 - Georgia Bazemore (Eastern Washington University): “Evidence from Hesychius Concerning the Uses of Cypriote Copper”

10:15 – 10:45 - COFFEE BREAK

(Lobby, Paulus Lecture Hall, Room 201, College of Law)

10:45 – 12:15 - Paper Session II (Two Panels Concurrently)

Panel IIA: Greek Prose (Room 217, College of Law)
Chair: Nigel Nicholson (Reed College)

10:45 - Owen Ewald (Seattle Pacific University): “Defining Beauty — A Reassessment of the Hippias Major

11:05 - Eric Nelson (Pacific Lutheran University): “Hippocrates: Man of Letters”

11:25 - Joshua Hartman (University of Washington): “αὐτοκράτωρ πολιτικός: Citizenship concerns in Julian’s Misopogon

11:45 - Chris Parmenter (University of Oregon): “Theoria, myth, and the performance of wisdom in the Phaedo

Panel IIB: Teaching the Classics (Room 201, College of Law)
Chair: Ulrike Krotscheck (The Evergreen State College)

10:45 - Catherine Connors (University of Washington): “The Lost Scrapbook of Miss Mattie Hansee”

11:05 - Will Griffiths (University of Cambridge): “Doubling the Number of Schools which Offer Latin”

11:25 - Mary Jaeger (University of Oregon): “‘Only a Yelping Ground’? Rose Combellack and the Fortune Press”

11:45 - Eduardo Engelsing (Western Washington University): “Cognitive Linguistics in Greek and Latin Pedagogy: Do We Need It?” CANCELLED

Ann M. Nicgorski (Willamette University), " Architecture as Text: Reading the Parthenon through the Oregon State Capitol Building”

12:15 – 1:30 pm - LUNCH

(Lower Level Lounge, College of Law)

1:30 – 2:15 - CAPN Business Meeting (Room 216, College of Law)
Tours of Hallie Ford Museum of Art (Meet in Lobby, 700 State Street)
John Olbrantz, The Maribeth Collins Director, HFMA (Willamette University)
Ortwin Knorr (Willamette University)

2:15 – 3:45 - Paper Session III (Two Panels Concurrently)

Panel IIIA: Greek Poetry (Room 217, College of Law)
Chair: Eric Nelson (Pacific Lutheran University)

2:15 - Nigel Nicholson and Elizabeth Heintges (Reed College): “Aging, Athletics and Epinician”

2:35 - Lindsay Alane Morse (Western Oregon University): “The Dream of a Shadow: Echoes of Homeric Afterlife and Heroism in the Odes of Pindar”

2:55 - Christopher Eckerman (University of Oregon): “Was Epinician Poetry Performed at Panhellenic Sanctuaries?”

3:15 - Michael Brumbaugh (Reed College): “Epiphanic Mimesis in Hellenistic Poetry”

Panel IIIB: Ancient History (Room 201, College of Law)
Chair: Owen Ewald (Seattle Pacific University)

2:15 - Gaius Stern (University of California, Berkeley): “Rescuing POWs and Punishing Deserters after the Second Macedonian War”

2:35 - Rob Chenault (Willamette University): “Symmachus' Third Relatio in Context: The Altar of Victory and the Centrality of Rome in the Late Fourth Century CE”

2:55 - Karen Carr (Portland State University, emerita): “Kidipede – A Web- Based Children’s History Resource”

3:15 - Alexis M. Christensen (University of Utah): “Gladiators at Dinner: A Mode of Agonistic Discourse in the Context of Roman Domestic Dining” - CANCELLED

3:45 – 4:00 - COFFEE BREAK

(Lobby, Paulus Lecture Hall, Room 201, College of Law)

4:00 – 5:15 - Paper Session IV (Two Panels Concurrently)

Panel IVA: Greek and Roman Women (Room 217, College of Law)
Chair: Mary Bachvarova (Willamette University)

4:00 - Molly Herbert (University of North Dakota): “The Princess and the Beggar: Od. 3.219-264” CANCELLED

4:20 - Rachel D. Carlson (University of Washington): “Honey and the Sting: Bees and Women in Hesiod and Semonides”

4:40 - Bridget Langley (University of Washington): “Absent presents: desire, distance and the donum in Ovid Amores 2.15”

Panel IVB: Crooks and Caesars (Room 201, College of Law)
Chair: Rob Chenault (Willamette University)

4:00 - Ortwin Knorr (Willamette University): “Syrus pseudo-callidus: Generic Parody in Terence’s Heautontimorumenos

4:20 - Aislinn Melchior (University of Puget Sound): “Instant Exemplarity in Caesar” CANCELLED

4:40 - Brandon Jones (University of Washington): “Why Did You Become a Robber? Place’s Place in Banditry Narratives”


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