Annual Executive Meeting of CAPN (41st Annual CAPN Meeting)

Willamette University, Salem, OR, March 10, 2012 - Draft

Present: Ann Nicgorski, Andrew Goldman, Malcolm Wilson, Nigel Nicholson, Catherine Connors, Karen Carr, Mary Jaeger (recorder)

Absent: Logan Searl

1) Approval of the 2011 minutes. Minutes approved as corrected. Mary will enter corrections and send them on to Karen for posting.

2) Treasurer’s report (Andrew) It has been a quiet year. Most of the money came in to Ann for memberships with conference Registration.
After all expenses were totalled up, CAPN made about $70 on the 2011 meeting. This was in part due to the generosity of the host institution, Gonzaga University.

ACL and NCLG donations ($150 to ALC and $50 to NCLA) will go out next week.

Question: Should we move CAPN’s account to a credit union?
Reasons for staying in US Bank: US Bank is all over the area, and there are US Banks right near most campuses. It was agreed that the $7 service fee, while symptomatic of banking rapacity, is tolerable.

Five years into the job, Andrew feels ready to hand over the office of treasurer to someone else.
Various prospects for treasurer were brought up, and the executive committee will sound out possible candidates.

3) New Executive Committee and Officers:
President: Mary Jaeger, UO
Vice President (this should wait on decision for site of 2015 meeting)
Secretary-Treasurer: Andrew Goldman, pending replacement
Bulletin Editor/Website Editor Karen Carr, PSU
Scholarship Committee: committee of the whole
Executive Committee: Catherine Connors, Nigel Nicholson, Malcolm Wilson, Karen Carr, Andrew Goldman, Ann Nicgorski, Logan Searl

Malcolm asked to be stricken from the record as bulletin editor and replaced by Karen Carr.

4) 2013 Meeting at Oregon.
Malcolm suggested a Geology of the Mediterranean talk. This idea met with favor. Another possibility is Caroline Howser on Roman Sculpture; there is also a Getty retiree who is moving to Spokane (find out more).

We need to refresh the talk section of website.

5) CAPN role at the Seattle APA/AIA meeting:
CAPN Party, how to finance? Can CAPN schools each contribute, say, $500?
There was discussion of how Washington public teachers can get clock hours for attending the APA. We need to look for applicants for APA pre-collegiate teaching award.

6) Future Meetings
2014 is a joint meeting with the Canadians in Vancouver
2015 Reed (which suggests a Reed VP)

7) Cathy reported that the archives person at UW would love to take the large plastic flood-proof bin of archives. It’ll cost about $150 to process the contents. CAPN can donate the funds.
Nigel suggested that we also print out paper copies of our electronic bulletins.

A vote of thanks to Sidney Taylor, who scanned the records. All the bulletins are digitalized and ready to be loaded onto the website.

8) New Business: Karen asked, should we get a CAPN web address? Our own domain name? This costs $250 for ten years. Only Malcolm opposed this sensible move.

Other New Business:

The classics program at U of Idaho has been shut down.
WSU doesn’t have anything anymore.
This news should be conveyed to the APA if it doesn’t know it already.

9) There was an enthusiastic and unanimous vote of thanks to Ann Nicgorski for running a wonderful meeting.


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