CAPN 2009 program and registration information

The 38th annual meeting of the Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest will be held at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon, on April 3-4, 2009. A map and directions are available online.


The cost of registration will be $35; $15 for students, plus (optional) $25 banquet and $20 lunch. Please print this form and mail it in with your check. All registration forms must be received by March 15th to include Friday night banquet or Saturday lunch. Note: all speakers must be members of the Classical Association, but other registrants need not be. Members of the Portland State Friends of History will be admitted free of charge (thanks to grants from the FOH and Portland State's Department of History), and are welcome to join us for Friday's banquet or Saturday's lunch, but must still pre-pay for those.


CAPN has reserved 30 rooms at University Place Hotel for conference attendees. The room rate is $109 a night; you can stay for up to two nights before and two nights after April 3rd for the same rate. You must reserve your room by March 3rd in order to get this rate. You can get to the hotel from the airport by taking the MAX train.


Friday, April 3rd

4:30-5:30 pm Reception and registration at University Place, on 4th Ave near PSU

6-7:30 pm Banquet at Abu Rasheed restaurant, on 6th Ave near PSU

8-9:30 pm Keynote Address at School of Business Auditorium, PSU (6th and Harrison)

E. Hector Williams
Professor of Classics and Classical Archaeology, University of British Columbia
“Goddesses, Whores, Vampyres and Archaeologists: Excavating Ancient Mytilene (Lesbos)”

Saturday, April 4th

8:30 am Registration opens University Place Hotel

9-11 am Paper Sessions I and II, concurrently

Session I - History Wahkeena Room

Ellen Millender (Reed College), presiding

“In Dialogue with Dialogues: Ciceronian Presence, Absence, and Inversion in Varro’s de Re Rustica”
S.C. Stroup (University of Washington, Seattle)

Tacitus' Agricola: biography and history
Ryan Boehler (University of Washington, Seattle)

“Procul a nobis: Apuleius and India”
Sonia Sabnis ( Reed College, Portland)

“Cato the Elder in Aulus Gellius”
Kari Ceaicovshi (Bear Creek School, Seattle)

“Lucius Ampelius: A Reassessment”
Owen Ewald ( Seattle Pacific University, Seattle)

Session II - Poetry Multnomah Room

Lowell Bowditch (University of Oregon), presiding

“Technical terms and criticism in Aristophanes’ comedy: the clownish figures”
Rosanna Lauriola (University of Idaho)

“Women’s speech and social status in Plautine comedies”
Allison Das (University of Washington)

“Theogonic elements in Statius’ description of Vulcan’s necklace (Theb. 2.265-296)”
Christopher Chinn (Pomona College)

“Tarnished poetry for the Iron Age: Juvenal answers M. Aper”
Charles Stein (UCLA)

11-11:15 Coffee break

11:15-12 University Place Hotel Multnomah Room

Ursula LeGuin will read from her new book Lavinia, which tells the story of Book XII of Virgil’s Aeneid from the point of view of Aeneas’ wife Lavinia.

12-1 pm Lunch Willamette Room

1-1:30 pm CAPN business meeting Multnomah Room

1:30-3:00 pm

Session III –Philosophy Multnomah Room

Chad Weiner (Portland State), presiding

“The Divine (Methane) Spirit; Natural Phenomena, Oracles, and the Physiologoi”
Brook Pearson (Simon Fraser)

“Philosophical Material: Parmenides’ theory of matter and the material context of its composition”
Jody Valentine (University of Southern California)

“Spectators of Power: Aristotle on Epideictic”
Jonathan Pratt (Reed College, Portland)

“How to Become an Epicurean Sage”
Walter Englert (Reed College, Portland)

3:00 pm Coffee break

3:15- 5:00 pm

Session IV – Manifestations, ancient and modern Multnomah Room

Anne McClanan (Portland State), presiding

“The Language of Ovidian Exile: DuBellay’s Roman Regrets”
Stephen Hinds (University of Washington, Seattle)

“The Bogue Collection of Ancient Lamps at Portland State University”
Ann Nicgorski (Willamette University, Salem)

“A strategy for introducing Horace to high school and undergraduate Latin students”
Karen Zeller (HomeSource, ACE Charter School and Lane Classical Program)

“Seven Brides and Sobbin’ Women: remaking the myth of the Sabine Women”
Catherine Connors (University of Washington, Seattle)


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