CAPN Minutes 2007

CAPN Business Meeting, March 17, Robson Center, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC

Members present: Andrew Goldman, Nigel Nicholson, Jim Russell.

1. The minutes of last year's meeting in Portland, Oregon, were accepted without emendation. These minutes have been available on the CAPN website.

2. Treasurer's report was also distributed, along with the Mission Statement written at the suggestion of last year's meeting and approved by the Executive committee This statement will be emailed to members.

3. Officers for next year: President, Eric Orlin, UPS; Secretary-Treasurer (continuing), Nigel Nicholson (Reed) Ð Andrew Goldman (Gonzaga) to take over in 2008; Bulletin Editor (continuing), Malcolm Wilson, U of O; Vice President, to be announced. As this indicates, the 2008 annual meeting will be at UPS. The Scholarship Committee remains unchanged: Malcolm Wilson, Rick Williams (WSU), Lorina Quartarone (St Thomas); while Andrew Goldman (Gonzaga) and Nigel Nicholson (Reed) joined Catherine Connors (UW), Mary Jaeger (U of O), Malcolm Wilson and Lorina Quartarone on the Executive Committee.

4. Annual Meetings. Willamette is likely to be the venue for the 2009 meeting [this has been confirmed], with Ortwin Knorr probably serving as Vice President this year and President in 2009 [still to be confirmed]; in 2010, the University of Washington has tentatively offered to host a joint meeting with CACW in Seattle, a change in the typical pattern for these joint meetings that is welcomed, and was suggested by David Mirhady, Secretary-Treasurer of CACW. For 2011, Gonzaga's gracious offer to host the meeting was accepted. Thus the meeting schedule looks like this:

2008 University of Puget Sound
2009 Willamette University
2010 ?University of Washington, joint with CACW
2011 Gonzaga University

5. Scholarship committee had no report at the time of the conference. It was suggested that we email high school teachers to let them know of the availability of the scholarship monies; Reed, UW and UBC at the least keep lists of local teachers. Nigel will email representatives at each institution with a request to contact their contacts.

6. It was decided to donate $100 to the American Classical League and $50 to the NCLG. Nigel attended the ACL meeting in Philadelphia in June 2006, as well as the meeting of the NCLG at that conference, as CAPN's delegate. The ACL is the main national organization of Latin teachers and supports the teaching of Latin across the USA, as well as the training of teachers; the NCLG is a much smaller outfit that lobbies congress concerning language legislation that might affect Latin curricula in schools. The NCLG's performance has been mixed, but there is some hope that its organization will be improved in the coming years due to the involvement of Sherwin Little, present President of the ACL. It was suggested that all the money be given to the ACL, but it was decided to keep a delegate in NCLG and review its performance over the next three years.

7. It was also noted that the teacher-training situation in Oregon is looking up: Willamette has a Latin teacher-training option in its education program, and has a Latin teacher-training placement possibility in Salem, but lacks a pedagogy class; an on-line pedagogy class is, however, being developed by NITLE, the National Institute for Technology and Liberal Education, a consortium originally funded by the Mellon Foundation, which would be available to NITLE members. In the CAPN area, Willamette (and Reed) are NITLE members, so that in the next couple of years a fully functioning teacher training program should become available in Oregon.

8. CAPN reiterated its desire to compile an annual list of possible speakers which could be made available to members. Such a list would include CAPN members as well as faculty temporarily visiting the CAPN area, and would include topics that the lecturers would be happy to lecture on as well as semesters when they would do this. All costs would be paid by the institution hosting the lecture; CAPN's role is to disseminate the information. Nigel Nicholson will forward a list of emails for CAPN's institutions to Andrew Goldman, who will begin the work of compiling a list.

9. A suggestion of Mary Jaeger, that we dedicate $200 (or more) of the swelling general fund for a CAPN Lecturer was well received. The Executive committee would solicit interest from specific members prior to the annual meeting and then choose an annual lecturer. This lecturer would be made available as an outreach speaker, to speak at perhaps 2 or 3 local schools. CAPN would pay costs and perhaps a small honorarium. Travel would need to be local, with no accommodation or airfares. It is hoped that this position would be an honor.

10. There were no nominations from the Vancouver area for CAPN teacher of the year; it is hoped that there will be more nominations from the Tacoma-Seattle area next year.

11. Finally a vote of thanks to Franco de Angelis and UBC for hosting the 2007 meeting was passed, and members expressed their pleasure at the prospect of meeting at UPS next year.

Nigel Nicholson


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