Annual Executive Meeting of CAPN (40th Annual CAPN Meeting)

Saturday, March 12, 2011
Gonzaga University, Spokane, WA

Present: Andrew Goldman, Nigel Nicholson, Ellen Millender, Sonia Sabnis, Chris Eckerman, Ann Nicgorski, Logan Searl, Wally Englert, Mary Jaeger (recorder), Alain Gowing, Cathy Connors, Ortwin Knorr (and two other people, whose names I am sorry I did not get).

1. Minutes for the previous year’s meeting were approved.

2. Treasury report:

CAPN’s finances are okay.
Meeting for 2010 in Seattle cost what it brought in, pretty much, except for extortionate Canadian check fees ($4 each).
Next joint meeting we must make sure to look out for this either by adding in a processing fee for Canadians, or by having the CACW president process all the Canadian checks and give CAPN one big check.

There was a $400.00 disbursement of scholarship money to A. Rose, who is doing a Masters in Education at the University of Oregon (?).

After not taking membership fees for a few years, we need to build up funds before giving much money away. Nigel suggested moving the ACL and LCLG to a small annual gift.

3. Officers for 2012:

President: Ann Nicgorski, Willamette University
Vice-President: Mary Jaeger, UO
Secretary-Treasurer: Andrew Goldman, Gonzaga University
Website Editor: Karen Carr, PSU
Bulletin Editor: Malcolm Wilson, UO
Scholarship Committee: same as committee of the whole (voted 2009)
Executive Committee: Mary Jaeger (UO), Lorina Quarterone, Logan Searl

4. Meeting for 2012 Willamette University

The suggestion is that the keynote speaker for next year be a literature person, then go back to an Archaeology/Art History speaker for 2013

5. Future Meetings:

2012 Willamette University
2013 University of Oregon
2014 Possibly a joint meeting with CACW in Vancouver

6. Donations:

possibly to give $$ to send teacher to ACL. Possibly save up money this year.
Resume donations to ACL and NCLG, 150.00 to ACL, 50.00 to NCLG. Send out notice to high school teachers that the ACL meeting is June 25-27 in MN. See who is planning to go anyway or can go at their school’s expense. (Logan may go; MJ may,possibly).

Encourage people to apply for scholarships.
Janet—put a note from her on her website (she was a previous winner of a scholarship)
Solicit CVs for the lecture bureau. Link lecture list to list on APA/ AIA website

7. Teacher of the year

—no applicants? (We did not give this much discussion).

8. New Business:

Thanks to Nigel for his History of CAPN.

We need to Archive the minutes; get hard copies of Program, bulletin, minutes; scan and make electronic archive. After tragic loss to flood of CAPN box (although not contents), Alain Gowing and Catherine Connors will look into UW’s archives housing hard copies (if that doesn’t work out, MJ will look into it at UO). [Note from Web Editor: I am archiving all CAPN materials including minutes as they are sent to me, with links on the sidebar of the CAPN website; these are securely backed up on remote servers.]

Alain Gowing suggests that CAPN institutions partipate in hosting a regional party at the Seattle APA. General agreement to this, and to think of other ways to make CAPN’s presence known.

9. The meeting closed with resounding thanks to Andrew Goldman for an excellent conference.


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