CAPN Bulletin 37.2

Classical Association of the Pacific Northwest Bulletin 37.2
December 12, 2006

Dear CAPN Member,

As the solstice draws near, I am thankful that the heavens are more regular than this CAPN bulletin, due out traditionally in November. We usually include a Call for Papers for the CAPN meeting, but since we are meeting with CACW this year and since the abstracts have already been submitted and accepted, we have only to look forward to the conference itself.

I want to give especial thanks to Secretary/Treasurer Nigel Nicholson whose administrative genius and punctual response to requests for information are an inspiration. He asks that we renew membership for 2006-07 if we have not done so already! See the website for information and forms:

I. Announcement of Joint CACW-CAPN CONFERENCE in Vancouver, B.C.

The joint meeting of our two associations on the theme “Regionalism and Globalism in Antiquity” will take place at University of British Columbia, Robson Square Campus, Vancouver, March 16-17, 2007. Registration is due by March 2, 2007. Abstracts, program and accommodation information are all available online at:

II. CAPN Mission Statement (in response to Business Meeting item 6)

CAPN collects together the classicists from Schools and Universities in Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, British Columbia and Alberta. We have over 80 active members, including a number from outside the region. Our annual meeting, in February or March, provides a congenial venue for participants to share their academic and pedagogical work, as well as their professional concerns.

CAPN is concerned to bridge a number of divides that characterize the world of Classics right now. First, it seeks to integrate the classicists of the United States with those of Canada; many members are Canadian, and every third year or so our annual meeting joins with CACW’s annual meeting, this usually in Victoria, B.C., but not always, as 2007’s conference in Vancouver makes clear. Previous joint meetings have also been held in Calgary.

Second, CAPN seeks to integrate school and university teachers. We share many of the same professional concerns, as well as many larger goals. CAPN welcomes papers on pedagogy from all members, occasionally sponsoring panels on it and caucuses on issues of particular concern to teachers, such as certification (a particular concern right now). Many members are actively involved in teacher training programs.

Third, graduate students are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentation at the annual conference, and to attend the conference. Since the conference is relatively intimate, it provides a supportive atmosphere for classicists at the beginning of their professional careers. The CAPN conference also provides an opportunity for alumni to revisit the region of their undergraduate or graduate educations, so that many members present at the conference are actually teaching at institutions outside the region.

CAPN offers some scholarships, usually between $200 and $400 in value, to classicists in the CAPN area, usually to those who intend to teach, and are seeking funds for travel or coursework that will enhance their teaching or ability to enroll in teaching certification programs.

CAPN also awards a small prize to an outstanding teacher every year. In 2006, Pam Brown of Grant High School in Portland was the honoree.

Membership is inexpensive ($10); costs for the Association are low, so these fees are almost entirely spent on the awards and scholarships. Membership is required for participation in the annual conference.

Our website is at, where membership information and records of previous conferences and association transactions can be found.

III. CAPN Business Meeting, March 25, Reed College, Oregon

Members present: Beverley Berg, Karen Carr, Walter Englert, Mary Jaeger, Ortwin Knorr, David Lupher, Eric Nelson, Nigel Nicholson, Eric Orlin, Lorina Quartarone, Jim Russell, Elizabeth Vandiver, Malcolm Wilson.

  1. The minutes of last year’s meeting in Victoria, BC, were accepted without emendation. These minutes are available on the CAPN website.
  2. Officers for next year: President, Franco de Angelis (UBC); Treasurer (continuing), Nigel Nicholson (Reed); Bulletin Editor (continuing), Malcolm Wilson (UO); Vice President Eric Orlin (UPS). As this indicates, the 2007 annual meeting will be at UBC, and the 2008 one at Puget Sound. Scholarship Committee: Malcolm Wilson, Rick Williams (EWU), Lorina Quartarone (St Thomas). Executive Committee: Catherine Connors (UW), Mary Jaeger (UO), Malcolm Wilson, Lorina Quartarone, Nigel Nicholson, Eric Orlin.
  3. It was decided to maintain the paper mailing of the bulletin, but publish abstracts on the web, and send the directory only every other year to keep the weight of the paper down. Finances are healthy, and the costs of the present type of mailings are low.
  4. Scholarship committee had no report at the time of the conference, and the deadline was extended to June. In the meantime a proposal was received from Anne McMillan, a resident of Eugene, seeking to study at the American Academy of Rome, with a view to becoming an elementary-level teacher of Latin. The proposal was accepted by the committee and funded to the tune of $400.
  5. It was decided to donate $100 to the American Classical League. Nigel Nicholson will be attending the meeting in Philadelphia in June, as CAPN’s delegate. No decision was made on a donation to the National Committee of Latin and Greek.
  6. Jim Russell, UBC, suggested that a short pamphlet explaining what CAPN is and what it does would be very helpful for maintaining membership north of the border. Nigel Nicholson will write one up and circulate it to the Executive Committee. Jim also suggested that we should hold a joint CAPN-CACW meeting in the US, and that we might have a joint business meeting with CACW next year in Vancouver to discuss this. It was noted that such a meeting might interfere with the Canadian government’s willingness to sponsor CACW meetings, however.
  7. CAPN decided to compile an annual list of possible speakers which could be made available to members. Such a list would include CAPN members as well as faculty temporarily visiting the CAPN area. CAPN might even sponsor a “distinguished lecturer,” offering his or her services to local institutions (which would themselves have to cover the bills).
  8. Finally a vote of thanks to Nigel Nicholson and Reed College for hosting the 2006 meeting was passed, and members expressed their pleasure at the prospect of meeting at UBC next year.

Nigel Nicholson reporting

IV. Treasurer’s report
2005-2006 Nigel Nicholson reporting

CAPN’s finances stand in very good shape. Revenues were strong: the return to print mailings and unexpectedly high turnout at the annual meeting produced a significant increase in revenues for 2005-06; members were also generous in giving to the scholarship fund; and surpluses from the both the 2005 and 2006 meetings injected over $1,000. At the same time, expenses have been limited: mailings have not been burdensome, and CAPN only had one application for a scholarship. Given these funds, CAPN needs to discuss what it will use them for at the next business meeting.

Income May 2005 to April 2006
Membership: 82 paid-up members, $820
Scholarship fund gifts: $135
Surplus from 2005 meeting: $267.28
Interest in 2006: $.20

Expenses May 2005 to April 2006
Scholarship fund: $400
Teaching Award: $100
Mailings: $55.68
Bank charges: $7

Balances, as of 5/5/06
Savings: $1,083.70
Checking: $2,193.37


2006 CAPN Conference Budget report

The unexpectedly high turnout, and relative abstemiousness of CAPN members at the reception left CAPN with a healthy surplus.

68 full-paying registrants ($30 each) $2,040
1 reduced time registrant ($20) $20
51 paying for lunch ($15 each) $765

Food services $1,684.70
Registration packet preparation $73.75
Printing $38.51
Shuttle $215.00
Postage (bulletin) $63.53

Surplus to CAPN account: $749.51

IV. Other Announcements

a. Call for Nominations for CAPN Teaching Award, 2007: CAPN’s executive committee seeks nominations for our new award to recognize long-standing and excellent schoolteachers from our area. The winner will receive $100, and will be honored at the 2007 conference if he or she is attending. Letters of nomination should be sent by February 20, 2006, to Nigel Nicholson, Dept of Classics, Reed College, 3203 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR 97202, USA.

b. The Annual Washington Workshop on Spoken-Latin will be held on the campus of the University of Washington. Preparatory Sessions: June 19th and 20th. Main Seminar: June 21st through June 27th. For more information, visit the website at:

c. News from Members (thank you all for responding) is available on the CAPN website under the most recent bulletin. (Click here for News from Members)

Please direct items for inclusion on the website or in the next (February) bulletin to:
Malcolm Wilson (,
Department of Classics,
University of Oregon,
Eugene, OR, 97403.


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