CAPN Bulletin 33.2

CAPN bulletin 33.2 February 2003

Program of the 33rd Annual Meeting

Directory of CAPN Members



to be held in June 2003 at
in central Washington State in the Wenatchee area.
Preparatory Sessions: June 19 and 20
Main Seminar: June 21 through 29
(including Stehekin excursion June 27-29)
The moderators will be
Stephen Berard, professor of World Languages, Wenatchee Valley College
Terence Tunberg, professor of Classics, University of
James Dobreff, veteran moderator of the Lexington Conventicula
It is likely that other fluent Latin speakers and experienced moderators
will be in attendance.
General Description
This Conventiculum Rusticum will be an excellent opportunity for practicing
speaking Latin. Most days we will take an excursion during which the
participants, with the help of moderators, will not only chat among
themselves in Latin but also describe in Latin everything they see: trees
and plants, mountains and glaciers, rivers, animals, birds, insects,
weather, and many other things. This seminar will be of special interest to
those who enjoy the outdoors and who would like to improve their Latin
skills in friendly conversation while hiking through forests, mountains, and
other rural settings.
The last three days and two nights of the seminar will be dedicated to a
trip to Stehekin, a village nestled among the peaks of the North Cascades.
Since Stehekin can only be reached by water, the seminar participants will,
on June 27, make the fifty-five-mile ferry trip to the village along Lake
Chelan, returning to Wenatchee on June 29. We will spend June 28 entirely
in Stehekin and its environs, with participants breaking up into smaller
groups according to interest. Of course, those who wish to attend the
seminar but not go to Stehekin are free to do so.

Who should attend the seminar?
All Latin teachers at the elementary and secondary levels are
invited, as well as college and university professors. We especially
recommend this seminar to graduate students in Classics and related fields
since, just as with any language, the ability to speak Latin immensely
strengthens one=s ability to read and write Latin well. Also, in order for
spoken Latin to flourish, which is our common goal, it is especially
necessary for future Latin instructors to see that our language is fully
capable of serving as an instrument for daily life and for expressing all
human concerns, even the most modern. We encourage those who already know
the fundamentals of Latin grammar and can already read Latin quite well but
who have never spoken Latin to attend the Conventiculum and hold their first
Latin conversations with us. Those who do not yet speak Latin should in no
way feel intimidated at our seminars, since almost all of us have begun to
speak Latin relatively recently and thus we all understand perfectly well
the difficulty of getting started.

The Preparatory Sessions
All those who would like to practice the general elements of conversational
Latin are invited to arrive three days before the beginning of the seminar
and, on June 19th and 20th practice speaking Latin with Stephen Berard and
perhaps other moderators, on a few more familiar topics, adding new and
useful expressions to their vocabulary, getting used to speaking, and
building up their confidence.

The Locations of the Seminar
Preparatory Sessions: Wenatchee
The Preparatory Sessions weill be held on June 19th and 20th at Wenatchee
Valley College. Participant will be either be housed privately or they will
be able to stay in local motels/hotels or camp in nearby campgrounds.
Wenatchee is located in central Washington State on the east slopes of the
Cascade range, along the banks of the Columbia River, the second largest
river in North America after the Mississippi. Since Central Washington
contains an unusually wide variety of terrains and microclimates, it is an
extremely suitable location for visiting and observing the environment.
There are several mountain systems, volcanoes and volcanic environments,
exposed geological formations, glaciers and ice fields, evergreen and
deciduous forests as well as rainforests, rivers, streams, creeks,
waterfalls, river rapids, meadows and prairies, agricultural regions,
orchards, and deserts both semi-arid and arid.
The city of Wenatchee itself, the Apple Capital of the World,@ lies in the
rain shadow of the Cascade Mountains and in the midst of the irrigated
farming belt of Washington State. Enjoying a relatively sunny climate, the
Wenatchee Valley is the destination of many who enjoy outdoor recreational
activities. The Enchantments, a nearby subsystem of steep-uplift basalt
mountains, about a half-hour away from Wenatchee by car, are covered by
Alpine conifer forests up to an altitude of about 7,000 feet. The highest
point in the Enchantments, Mount Stuart (9,416 ft / 2,870 m.) is partly
covered on its north face by three glaciers systems.
The drive between Seattle and Wenatchee, either via Route 2 or via
Interstate 90 and Route 97, which is quite beautiful though nothing compared
with the high-mountain country, takes about two-and-a-half hours for those
who drive quickly and three hours for those taking their time. Wenatchee
can be reached by air via Pangborn Memorial Airport, by rail (Amtrak) and by
bus (Greyhound).
The Main Seminar: the Dirty Face Lodge
The main, week-long part of the Conventiculum, that is, before the excursion
to Stehekin, will be held in the Dirty Face Lodge ( ). We will stay there from the night of the
20th till the night of the 26th, although those preferring to camp will be
able to do so. The lodge, equipped with kitchen, swimming pool, and
jacuzzi, is located in the forest near Lake Wenatchee, not far from the
trails we will be using on out Latin-speaking hikes. General sessions will
be held and nature-talks given in the lodge.
Stehekin Excursion: the Stehekin Lodge
Find out more about the North Cascades Stehekin Lodge, whose location was
described above, at the website .
habebitur mense Iunio anni MMIII
in media Vasintonia Civitate in regione Aqualbensi (Wenatchee).
Sessiones praeparatoriae: diebus 19. et 20. mensis Iunii
Conventiculum Rusticum praecipuum : de die 21. usque ad diem 29. mensis
(cuius ultima pars diebus 27.-29. in Itinere Stehecinano peragetur)
Stephanus Berard, professor linguarum apud Studiorum Collegium Vallis
Terentius Tunberg, professor studiorum classicorum apud Studiorum
Vniversitatem Kentuckiae Lexintoniensem
Iacobus Dobreff, moderator veteranus Conventiculorum Lexintoniensium
Omnino fieri potest ut adfuturi sint et alii moderatores qui volubiliter
Latine loqui queant.
Descriptio Generalis
Hoc Conventiculum Rusticum erit optima occasio sermonem Latinum vivissimo
modo exercitandi, nam singulis fere diebus excursionem didascalicam et
ambulatoriam faciemus in qua non solum licebit participibus sermones sponte
conserere sed etiam omnia quae viderint sermone Latino, moderatoribus
adiuvantibus, fuse describere: arbores et plantas, montes et moles
glaciales, fluvios, animalia, aves, insecta, caelum et alia multa. Inprimis
placebit huiusmodi conventiculum eis quibus cordi sint variae amoenitates
locorum quique ament amice garrientes, linguae peritiam meliorem facientes
silvas et montes et alia loca rustica perlustrare.
Vltimi tres dies duaeque noctes conventiculi excursioni dabuntur Stehecinum
(Anglice Stehekin), viculum inter ipsos Cataractarum (Cascades) Montium
septentrionalium vertices situm. Cum nonnisi via aquatica possit adiri
Stehecinum, conventiculi participes die 27. mensis Iunii 55 milia passuum
per Chelanum Lacum (Lake Chelan) ad vicum vehentur dieque 29. mensis
revertentur Aquas Albas (Wenatchee). Die 28. Iunii, quem omnino in locis
Stehecino circumiacentibus degemus, participes verisimiliter in manus
minores inter se diversa agere cupientes dividentur. Licebit profecto eis
qui iter Stehecinum facere nolint maturius ex conventiculo discedere.
Quibus sit Conventiculum Idoneum
Aeque invitantur et ludi magistri et praeceptores scholarum superiorum et
professores, enixeque commendamus conventiculum hoc studiosis linguarum
classicarum graduatis non tantum quod facultas Latine dicendi peritiam et
legendi et scribendi mirum in modum corroborat verum etiam quod, ut
Latinitas viva, quae nobis cordi est et ad quam nitimur, prorsus renascatur,
imprimis necesse est ipsis futuris praeceptoribus linguam nostram pro
instrumento omnino ad vivendum apto habere eamque ut omnibus demum rebus
humanis exprimendis parem, vel modernissimis, tractent et doceant. Etiam
eos qui fundamenta grammatica Latina didicerint Latineque iam satis bene
legere valeant necdum tamen Latine colloqui possint ex animo cohortamur ut
hoc conventiculum participent primosque suos sermones Latinos nobiscum
serant. In conventiculis nostris colloquio Latino datis nullo modo est eis
trepidandum erubescendumve qui nondum Latine locuti sint; nam nos fere omnes
potius nuper quam pridem initium Latine loquendi fecimus, cuius initii
difficultatem funditus comprehendimus.


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